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🎖On November 24, 1943, Leningrad pupils were awarded medals “For the Defence of
Leningrad.” In all, about 15,000 teenagers received these medals. They worked and fought
in the besieged city alongside adults. After classes, pupils had to work at plants, extinguish incendiary bombs and work as paramedics in hospitals. They also tended many gardens in the city, which saved its residents from hunger in 1942-1944. Up to 3,000 senior students and young employees of plants and factories worked as health brigade members in the Red Cross.
☝️ Most of the pupils awarded with the medal “For the Defence of Leningrad” attended
the 47th school. On November 24, 1943, these medals were conferred on 45 pioneers and Komsomol members who mostly distinguished themselves by working in state farms and subsidiary households.

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